Thursday, May 20, 2010

regular episodes resumes....

next deretsahan with dongkoy suizo episodes shall resume to regular programs intended...we are posting some of the interesting topics to be discussed..pls post your comment on what episodes would you like to be wit:

good/proper grooming
table manners and etiquette
flores de mayo
june brides
events management
personality development
dating game
bizarre love triangle
unfaithful wife and husband
culinary arts and all about cooking
facebook and online games addict
breast augmentation
youth leadership dilemna
kapuso vs. kapamilya

choose your pick and we will feature it...

watch my first episode after the election councilor elect irene embuscado will be thanking the electorate and divulge her plans for the nest 3 years of public service...see yah all...7 pm...may 21, 6..misamis cable...lumad misamisnon channel....

1 comment:

  1. Dating Game.

    It would truly be fun to watch as well as let everyone know that you can pull it off!

    Good Luck!